Bases Loaded Series

Series of posters I designed for Bases Loaded Series. The Bases Loaded Series is an exploration of conceptual graphic design and storytelling using American Baseball as the vehicle. The concepts are driven home with the relationship of text and image, and the process is 100% hand-done. The work in this series tackles issues that have been pivotal to the game of baseball and reflective of our American society. Raw, hand-drawn iconography in partnership with hand-crafted typography are used to convey strong and sometimes deep messages. These icons and graphics emphasize concept and idea over aesthetic. The aesthetic is achieved by way of the idea, the tools used, and the process. The game of baseball is intertwined in the fabric of the United States of America. The players are household names and the sights, smells, and sounds conjure up memories of our past. These players, events, and emotions, which have contributed to baseball as our National Pastime, are the inspiration for and the subject of, the Bases Loaded Series. All original exhibition banners measure 26″x40″ and are screen printed onto wool felt with a 1″ felt border. These are the banners that have toured the country.

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